Lesbian Pickups

When beautiful lesbian girl is horny, she sets out to hunt another. Watch our Blondie during her adventures as she takes on the Czech roads to find that special girl who will give her a good time and please her just the way she likes it. Join us and see how lesbian pick-ups and search for that special wet spot works in real life! There is no shortage of smoking hot Czech girls, so our beautiful lesbian is about to have a ball!

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Lesbian Pickups #5

We have such a beautiful weather lately it’s almost....

#5 Lucie 13

Lesbian Pickups model: Lucie 13

I liked her straight away – she had a slender body, beautiful face and I just felt like she could prove to be entertaining company. And since I’m also working on my Lesbian Pickups I just had to pull over and check her out. She told me her ride left shortly before she arrived and she...


Lesbian Pickups #4

Another day on the hunt and I found a very groove lady.

#4 Olga 3

Lesbian Pickups model: Olga 3

Turns out some bastard stole her purse and she had no means of calling for help (she was standing at the outskirt of our town).I told her to hop in and I’ll let her make a call. But since I really wanted to get a piece of this amazing ass, I pretended there is no signal and we have to ride...


Lesbian Pickups #3

Bus stations can be wonderful place to meet new women and....

#3 Tereza 11

Lesbian Pickups model: Tereza 11

I told her she’s waiting in vain, because that bus rides only during work days. Of course that was a lie but she didn’t have to know it and that would help me lure her to my car. Lucky for me she had no idea about this bus timetable, so she happily entered my car. I told her we could...


Lesbian Pickups #2

Meeting girls is easy, but making them strip can be a....

#2 Lucie 11

Lesbian Pickups model: Lucie 11

It looked like girl’s phone, so I set out to find whose phone it may be. It took me a while, but I found a cute blonde rummaging in trunk of her car. When I asked what she’s looking for, she confirmed it’s for a lost phone. I teased her a little and then told her we found it...


Lesbian Pickups #1

Hey guys & girls and welcome to my brand new site Lesbian....

#1 Saskia

Lesbian Pickups model: Saskia

You have to think and look for signs that girl may enjoy a little bit of harmless lesbian fun. Even then you strike out a lot no matter how good you look (and I dare say I’m pretty hot), because some girls will play hard to get. My first catch, however, did not. This smoking hot brunette I...


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