Lesbian Pickups #3 Tereza 11

Bus stations can be wonderful place to meet new women and pick up a lesbian.

Lesbian Pickups #3 Tereza 11

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Lesbian Pickups model Tereza 11

All you need to do is pull up and talk to any girl that looks bored.

Tereza 11 Lesbian Pickups

I noticed one hot blonde chick sitting alone, looking like she’s there for a long time. When asked, she told me that she’s waiting for bus to take her to nearby pool. I told her she’s waiting in vain, because that bus rides only during work days. Of course that was a lie but she didn’t have to know it and that would help me lure her to my car. Lucky for me she had no idea about this bus timetable, so she happily entered my car. I told her we could do some tanning together, maybe even spread some lotion on ourselves and she agreed. Actually she said it sounds great and she wondered what else we could do. At that moment I knew I met a randy vixen who might be more fun than she seems. And I was right! This girl obviously enjoys another girls company, because we had so much fun I can’t even describe it! To put it bluntly – she let me do anything I wanted to her delicious pussy and I liked it a lot. She even enjoyed me using toys on her. You just have to see her in action. I love lesbians!


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