Lesbian Pickups #4 Olga 3

Another day on the hunt and I found a very groove lady.

Lesbian Pickups #4 Olga 3

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Lesbian Pickups model Olga 3

This is exactly the kind of women that is simply irresistible.

Olga 3 Lesbian Pickups

I could tell straight away she has an amazing body that just screams to be licked all over and I just couldn’t resist the temptation to pull over. She waved at me anyway, so I would be fool not to. Turns out some bastard stole her purse and she had no means of calling for help (she was standing at the outskirt of our town).I told her to hop in and I’ll let her make a call. But since I really wanted to get a piece of this amazing ass, I pretended there is no signal and we have to ride for a while to get some (of course cell coverage is pretty good here, but I had to stall her and lucky for me I had an old phone with me which is an old piece of crap that has problems even in areas with very strong signal). I know what you think – I must be a horrible person to play that poor woman like that, but common – take a look at picture around here and be honest – wouldn’t you do the same? She seemed very disturbed so I tried to comfort her as much as possible. You’d be surprised what these kinds of situation can do to us girls sometimes. I could already imagine my tongue licking away all her worries. We rode for a while to a secluded spot where I knew my signal will pop-up. I let her make the call and she told me that cops will arrive in couple of minutes. Since I know what couple minutes means to Czech policemen I knew we have more than enough time to enjoy our company. Turned out this beautiful lady was a lesbian too. When she took her bra’ I could only admire her amazing breasts (not that mine are any worse mind you, but I’m used to them and these were new to me). I just went straight for her pussy and we had a great time together. I think you will enjoy watching this video as much as I loved making it!


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